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“Sterling Bridge” marketing phase

My first novel (in the editing phase): Edits are due back to Cedar Fort Publishing on June 15th. It is set to release on November 10th. Hopefully this is just the first of many more published works to come.

It is an historical fiction film novel about a larger-than-life man, Sterling Harris, who is credited with bridging the divide between a community of Catholic mining immigrants with Mormon settlers in the town of Tooele, Utah during the hard times of the Great Depression.

“Let’s play inside today” query for publication phase

My first children’s book: I wrote it for my brother’s family. He is working on illustrations.

It is a fun look at the mental chess match parent’s have everyday negotiating home life with their kids, to settle on mutually beneficial terms. I will blog little behind the scenes information about works such as this: Click here for updates: Blog 1, Blog 2, etc.

“Our day on the river” available as a blog post

My first completed short story (and still my favorite in that genre to this day). This will be the first of many short stories I will add to my blog here just for fun. Come back often and enjoy some light reading…

In this story a draw upon a hilarious but strenuous adventure I remembered from my own youth when I got lost with another Scout down stream on a canoe trip. I’ll never forget it! I used that story to create this entirely fiction offshoot. It was the first time I really used quotations in a story. You can read it now here. Imagine writing full stories without dialogue. I love the power that conversation has to tell a story. It puts the reader right in the middle of the story and rounds out the characters giving them a voice.

“12 nights of Campfire Tales”

One goal of mine is to write a dozen campfire stories. I already have a good start. There are a handful of scary moments from my own childhood that are chilling tales. The challenge is going to be to write scary stories that can be shared around a campfire setting without being just plain evil or grotesque. I’m not necessarily trying to cater the stories solely to children, but there will be a few of that variety so as to have a mixture that is scary to children, to youth, and also to adults. It just seems like fun. It will be a challenge. Writing for storytelling out loud is much different than writing literary prose meant for the inner ear alone.

     Completed works:


Sterling Bridge

Short Stories

Our day on the river



My first true board game: After spending a year developing my skills with short story writing I realized the best stories are usually based off of a poignant memory. Anecdotes has been undergoing product testing. It is in its 3rd version. Stay tuned!

This is a competitive storytelling game. Prompts inspire funny, interesting and/or just plain fun memories from your life. If you tell the best stories, come up with the best “guessable” titles, and ultimately win votes (as well as roll big) to best navigate through a board with childhood, young adult, middle-grade, and adult themes…You win!

Flipside Football

My first “floorboard” game: Kids have folded countless paper footballs and flicked them during times of boredom. I have always found that boredom leads to creativity. Flipside Football takes paper football to a whole new level. Normal football can be quite complicated, but virtually any scenario you can think of in regular American Football has a counterpart in this format. My brothers and I played hours and hours of Flipside Football on a twin-size sheet growing up. Now Writcreate, LLC has crafted a game with all the parts. Check it out!

We anticipate doing a kickstarter campaign to bring this game to a wider audience in the near future.

Flipside Basketball

My second “floorboard” game (still in the making): We are gathering the right parts to get the package just right.  Perhaps we will combine this game on the flipside of the field/court with the football offering, as given above.

Flipside Basketball might even be more fun than Flipside Football. It requires quick hand speed, deft passing and great shooting accuracy, rebounding, blocks and steals. You feel like you are somewhere between a video game and right in the middle of a basketball court. It’s like shooting hoops at the arcade only it involves the concepts of a full game of basketball with the other team right there to stop you: playing on the same mat defending you, running fastbreaks, dropping three-pointers, and–if you foul–knocking down free throws.

Indoor/Outdoor Game

A game of intrusion. This one gets your heart-pumping. I’m still debating whether to let this household secret out. Hint: it might show up in my Parker Outdoor games manual.


I played this one just the other day with some youth. Wow, I am getting old. There is a lot of running in this game, but if you can keep up and you are fairly good at sports this is a great combo sport strategy game.

Parker Family Outdoor Games Manual

Growing up I created about a dozen unique games to play outside. I have been converting the games into precise instructions. In some instances this requires playing the game again with others. It is fun reliving my youth. Hopefully I will have the game manual ready to share with other families soon.

     Completed Works:


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     Completed works:


     Coming soon:


     Completed Works:

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