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Featured Article #42: Timelife Music Collections review

Product Review: Are Timelife Music Collection’s for you?

(Great CDs vs. Personalized mp3s)

By Chad Robert Parker

I purchased a 6 CD set from Timelife Music through its website. You may be considering a collection as seen on tv. Will you like what you buy?

Timelife has been putting together collections of music in many different genres. You won’t find some of your favorite songs playing as often on the radio anymore. You could gather all of your favorite hits, one song at a time, but why, if Timelife has already done it for you?

The Love Songs Collection

I’m one for popular love songs. I know it’s cheesy. There are so many radio stations devoted to saps like me. Sappy love stories highlighted by Delilah, a famous radio announcer today, are not why I tune in, though. It is for the songs. It is for the greatest emotion of human experience. It is for the dream that music of such conviction and devotion will play like on a movie screen in a way that we can envision and relate to in our very own lives. Okay, so maybe I haven’t convinced you to love the genre I love, but even if you don’t like the ballads of popular love songs, you may want to check out Timelife.com to see what assortment of music may already be compiled there for you. My next target is something with a little more beat and liveliness, like their Rock Collection from the 80s.

Collecting music CDs or mp3s in general

I’ve found that the pricing on the CD sets advertised on TV does not vary a whole lot. Essentially you are getting each song for under a dollar. You could buy the songs individually on iTunes, Musicbox, or another outlet for mp3s. These could easily be burned onto CDs, if you wanted. Your main drawback may very well be that you have an mp3 player, and no use for a CD player anymore. That’s understandable. If the only reason you don’t use your CD player is because you don’t have a CD or two with enough good music, this is a more common downfall. CDs cut have a few good songs, if that, and a lot of songs that people just don’t want. That is where the music industry has had so many disputes with sharing music. The music bands, singers, and producers rightfully want consumers to pay for any music we own, but the problem is that they sell us a lot of songs we don’t want piggy-backing material along with songs we do want, or else we can expect to be charged a per song rate that adds up very quickly. Either way, it costs a bundle to get a good collection of music. There is little room for good deals, but a good collection of songs like Timelife can provide does reduce the cost by a fraction. Mainly though, it just helps you save time, if you can find a collection as quality as you would have collected by yourself.

I know burning CDs from mp3 files downloaded, would have been of lesser quality, and may have been detrimental to my computer as use of the Internet to download opens up the possibility of viruses, but I’m not so sure I couldn’t have compiled a better assortment of music than the Timelife music set I acquired has. I may hold off on the Rock ballads of the 80’s, yet. As I listen to the CDs more and more, the songs that I would have excluded from the get go, kind of bother me. Even though it would cost the full dollar to replace those songs in the rotation, I think my CDs would have done more to complete me. C’est la vie!

Just as I don’t have time to listen to sappy commentary and commercials in between my songs, I don’t know that I have time to create a better collection anyway. The question is: do you (for the minimal money saved, and the minor annoyance that some songs are never to your personalized liking and you end up skipping over these)?