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Featured Article #38: Iron Gym Review

5 Point Product Review: Will Iron Gym get you fit?

Results as seen on TV are often much better as seen on TV. But I won’t hold that against the Iron Gym. If you are wondering about the real possibilities for your body workout, I can brief you on the advantages and disadvantages to buying Iron Gym with my 5-point review: affordability, set-up, durability, capability, and flexibility.

  1. Affordability

The Iron Gym is inexpensive. If you want to use a pull-up bar outside your home, it will generally cost more in gas alone to get to a place where you can do a workout; not to mention how a gym or a club will usually cost you membership fees. If you are serious about getting in shape, toning, or strength training, a pull-up bar is a staple in workout routines.

  1. Set-up

The Iron Gym can be purchased to be shipped to your door, which is pretty convenient (I got mine through Bed Bath & Beyond’s as seen on TV section). It is simple to put together. There is reasonable assembly involved in putting together a few bars out of a box. Tools, nuts, and bolts are all provided. It doesn’t take long to have it latch up in one of your doorways, though. Just make sure you have a doorway with enough head clearance to the ceiling above (My condo only has one such doorway).

  1. Durability

The Iron Gym is sturdy and as trustworthy as your doorway (Doorways are firmly encased by 2 x 4’s, so it is a strong fit). It appears to be designed better than other pull-up contraptions for doorways, that I have come across (In college). It has a wide base, a lot of surface area, a sturdy metal, and good padded areas for practical use.

  1. Capability

The Iron Gym comes as advertised. At least every exercise on advertised can be done and a great workout can be obtained, as pull-up bars go. You can do a few types of pull-ups depending on your handholds. You can hang from it (wish I had the free hanging straps that come with some offers) while doing leg lifts (while twisting your stomach if you want a good burn to work on that side flab). You can even do dips or push-ups with the Iron Gym set on the ground. If there is a disadvantage, it is that the Iron Gym can’t do things with regard to what it is not (There are other tools for other exercises).

  1. Flexibility

The Iron Gym can easily be put up in the doorway, used on the floor, or stored away. It can even be broken down quickly for packing and reassembled as needed.

It has not taken me long to see real benefits to using the Iron Gym. In combination with running for the legs and cardiovascular, an exercise ball to work the core, and the Iron Gym for upper body, you can develop a great routine for any level of focus to a full body workout. It met or exceeded all of my expectations. What you see on TV is what you get with this product. It’s not like you would expect anything less in a portable pull-up bar, than I have outlined here, but it is just nice when something you see hyped up on a TV advertisement, measures up. Iron Gym does! Now that I’ve got my pull-up bar it’s time to look into P90X.