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Featured Article #43: Insignia Portable DVD Player review

Product Review: Is an Insignia Portable DVD Player worth buying?

By Chad Robert Parker

Buying brand names puts a greater emphasis on quality. When considering a pair of pants you might find something that looks just as nice and then get lucky that it doesn’t wear out too quickly. But does that philosophy work with a more significant purchase, like buying a digital item?

When looking for a portable DVD player you may be concerned that unless you invest in a costly purchase you risk it breaking, or then again, you might consider Insignia. I’ll explain. Though I can’t make any guarantees, to my pleasant surprise an Insignia portable DVD player measures up in all areas of importance for me.

In truth, while I was in the market for a DVD player, I would have bought a reliable brand like, Sony, or a decent brand I had at least heard of, like Emerson. But when I had the choice of a promotional item between an iPod and a portable DVD player, with the purchase of my car a couple years back, I went with the DVD player. Like I said, I was in the market. I know, most of you would have taken the iPod, but with all the DVDs I own and love, I was hooked. Besides the car I was buying has a CD player, and my music investment has been geared toward owning CDs not mp3s, anyway. But, you say, it’s not like I could watch the DVD player in my car. Good point!

Nonetheless, if a couple passengers in your car get to watch the DVD player, they’ll love you. No need to buy that gas hog mini-van or SUV just yet. As long as you can settle on one move, the Insignia Portable DVD player comes with two screens. The screens can be strapped to the back of the captain chairs for viewers in the backseat, or held on a lap, if one person wanted to watch from a front seat while the other watched from the back, for instance. The DVD player comes with two sets of headphones, which is optimal, as road noise can be a little much. Although if the driver doesn’t mind the movie noise, the sound through the outer speakers can also be sufficient. If people who are not watching the movie are talking in a closed car setting, one feature (besides head phones) that comes in handy is selecting subtitles from the menu, at the start of your movie. While the kit has an adapter to plug into the cigarette lighter of the car, there is also an AC adapter to plug into the wall at home. Everything comes in a great compact size portable case.

I have found that Insignia has met or surpassed all my needs in a portable DVD player. With all the great options we want to buy during the digital age, it is nice to find one that is also affordable. I give the product high marks for clarity in playback, for quality sound, for great lightweight portability with all necessary accessories, and for a design with tilt screens and a solid nesting for DVDs to be used for years to come. If your experience mirrors mine, you can be confident in going out and buying one today.

Or stay home and make the purchase online, given the digital capabilities available today, although then again, my review of the Insignia portable DVD player should not be held accountable for damage in transit, either. Some recommend that electronics be bought in person, and after my last electronic purchase, I can certainly understand why. The package containing a Sony Playstation, bought on eBay, arrived while I was away. I signed a note saying the UPS man could leave it on my doorstep, but with good intentions I’m sure, he threw it over my balcony instead. At least it was in working order. I guess the sender bubble-wrapped it well enough. But if I were you, I wouldn’t take the chance. Find a nice store, like Walmart or Target that carries Insignia DVD portable players, and you may even be able to test one out yourself before buying it.