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WritCreate: A History

The backstory

The branding of a company

WritCreate, LLC keeps its owner operator very busy. It started out as a sole proprietorship but as operations have expanded the need arose for the entity to become its own corporation. The work load, however, remains the function of one person, Chad Robert Parker.

The branding of an author

Chad is a new author, set to publish his first book, Sterling Bridge. Admittedly, much of his blogging activity is shameless promotion for his writing services and for his novel exploits. Out of necessity, owing to the need for a pen name, Chad added his middle name and a new brand was formed. In a nutshell, that’s me in my free-time these days. I am Chad Robert Parker.

Okay, it feels too weird and confusing to continue writing in third person about myself so I will revert back to telling it like it is from my own first person perspective. As the owner of WritCreate, I use this WordPress place as my workshop for all things that are writing related to my life as a writer and as a marketer.

The nature of business writing

Owning your own business is not child’s play and yet as a writer I have to be willing and able to imagine the world first as a child would and then mature reasonably through the growth stages of thought to adulthood on every project. It requires giving the attention that each aspect deserves in turn. Every creation starts as an idea, and then as goals are written down, research is discovered, and thoughts are developed, processes begin to reach maturation.

WritCreate is hardly a finished concept. It is the work of staying in the moment to finish one project at a time. It flourishes with the hard knock principal of persistence. It is a balance of free flowing art and hard pressed organization, a juggling act of mind games and split personalities. My wife thinks that’s scary. It is fun only when you make it so, but opening the doors to creation is an obsession that builds on itself and ultimately expands the soul. Enter this world but beware: you will become interested in the possibilities as well. There may be no going back. Now that you have been sufficiently warned, let’s proceed.

The origins of WritCreate

WritCreate, LLC was founded on exploring imagination in the form of games and writing stories. Chad grew up in a family of six boys. There was never a dull moment, or if there was then boredom became the genesis to creation. The concept of WritCreate came from playing, testing out ideas with each other, reading interesting stories and visualizing each project as a story of its own, filling a need where a refined product or service did not previously exist, and then marketing that story to let the world know about the breakthrough. WritCreate is literally the combination of writing creations and the vehicle for systematically bringing unique concepts to life.

The Business Plan

Every organization has goals. When goals are written down a path to success is more likely. My writing goals began as an independent writer with a few creative thoughts in my head. The ideas have expanded into several projects. When creating something out of necessity we naturally want to start working while everything is fresh on our minds, but if we take a moment to document the processes it will save a lot of time and work later. My first business plan started out as an outline. As a living document, meaning it grows along with the company, my business plan and even my business model has undergone significant changes over time. When I was just starting out it was enough just to be learning the writing trade. Later, I incorporated goals to achieve project success.

The Vision

WritCreate, LLC seeks to manage successful writing projects from idea to creation to market.

The Mission Statement

WritCreate, LLC will fulfill its vision with a day to day mission statement. That mission at present is to give every worthwhile writing endeavor the necessary attention to learn how to do it, to outline the project, and to see it through the stages of a successful writing calendar.

The Goals

I will not get into the specifics of the goals of WritCreate, LLC. I am currently revising the business plan to refocus efforts and calendars on the areas of most success. In other words, suddenly answering the demands of a publisher takes precedence. My main goal project-wise is to get “Sterling Bridge” published as scheduled on November 10th, 2015. For more about the goals of WritCreate in 2015 stay tuned for my draft of a writing and marketing calendar to be included in my latest version of the business plan that will be on the portfolio page. But even though the balance of time management shifts according to project the values of the company remain the same.

The Values

My values are a blend of integrity, knowledge, skills, and a unique offering of both creative and analytical abilities to provide quality but timely writing services one project at a time.

Moving forward

The blogosphere

WritCreate has several projects in the works. This blog and other blogs affiliated with WritCreate are an attempt at keeping up with the documentation as a journal of actions going forward, but in order to understand the future I will often refer to the past. Hopefully you will gain from posts in my blogging community and draw something from my experiences as I tell the story of the company on this site,, about the author and my first novel at, and maybe even share in the interaction with other’s lives reading and relating tales from memories of interest at Writing is a staple of the information age. The public wants to be in the know of activities and advances in every field and endeavor more than ever before.

The day-to-day writer

As a writer I am happy to write about my writing path and share this journey with you. I will record something about each project in the making. I expect if there is something in the making you can first hear about it here. I will give some sort of timeline for when you can expect more work to be done on various creations. I will update and revise project explanations and schedules as needed. I will also be highlighting more details about each writing project in turn, and how it came to be, as part of this blog page. Visit my workshop often and watch as writing creations mature.